I will build your prototype

Email me.

The deal

I will build a web prototype of your idea in two weeks for $5000. The timeline and price are both fixed. You get a completely functional website, all the code I write, and the chance to prove your idea.

The rules

  • I will build a prototype, not the final product.
  • I will need all the designs/wireframes up front.
  • I will build the site in Clojure.

The developer

My name is Chris Granger and I like to build things. I started programming at the ripe old age of 10 and have worked on some software you've probably heard of: Puma.com, NewBalance.com, Microsoft's Visual Studio, and so on. I've also built sites for startups like Lord Peacock and have been transforming live-blogging with Typewire.

Throughout crafting nearly a million lines of code, I've learned that there is a dark art to writing good software. Doing it well requires a bit of a magic and I figure I could share that experience with you guys.

The questions

Will you build my site in (ruby, python, lolcode, ...)?
Nope, just Clojure. I've built sites in nearly every 'web' language and I've found I'm the most efficient in Clojure.
But everyone I know uses ruby!
That's not a question and this is also a prototype. Prototypes are meant to prove a concept and then be scrapped when you build the real thing - it shouldn't matter what language this is written in.
Can I hire you to build the actual product?
Potentially! Let's get the prototype built first.
What now?
Well you could take a walk... read a book... or you could email me and we can get this show on the road.